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Happy Easter, Leonie!

Leonie writes the Easter Bunny a letter. She has so many wishes! Not for herself, but for her sister, her brother and her best friend, Anna, who ist often alone. And so that the Easter Bunny doesn't mix up all the presents, Leonie wants to help him. What ist the outcome of so much kindness? A really big surprise!

A story about friendship, helpfulness and compassion for children 4-8 years old.

Paperback English: 48 pages
ISBN: 978-3-749446698
Price: € 9,20 in A

Hardcover English: 48 pages
ISBN: 978-3-752861402
Price: € 18,40 in A

Bestellen Sie direkt beim Verlag: BoD Norderstedt  oder in der Buchhandlung Ihrer Wahl!



The sun has already set, the round moon appears over the hill. And because Easter is just around the corner, Mommy is reading her children an Easter story.

Nelly, Leonie's younger sister, cuddles up with her toy bear and falls asleep before Mommy has even read the first page. Leonie strokes her black cat who is purring, all rolled up next to her on the blanket. And Willy, Leonie's big brother, is holding his favourite toy train.


Mommy is reading the story of a totally confused Easter rabbit who has so much to do that he mixes up all the presents. In the end all the children and parents are angry with him and he has to distribute the presents all over again.

"Poor Easter Bunny," says Leonie. "Why didn't anyone help him?"

"Maybe he is just a silly Easter Bunny who can't remember anything," says Willy.

"No, that's not true," answers Leonie, quite upset. "Mommy, tell Willy that the Easter Bunny is not stupid."

Mommy closes the book and gives each of the children a goodnight kiss.

"Stop fighting, children. It's time to go to bed." Then she puts Nelly to bed, turns off the light and leaves the room.

The next morning Leonie is still thinking about the poor Easter Bunny who has so much to do. What if he also mixed up all her Easter wishes? Leonie has so many wishes, not for herself, but for Willy and Nelly, and especially for her best friend, Anna.

Anna lives next door. She has no father and no brothers and sisters with whom she can play. Her mother works at an inn and she often has to be there until late evening which means that Anna is all alone at home. Sometimes she’s allowed to play at Leonie’s house until her mother returns home.

Anna helps her mother to wash and iron clothes, or to cook and clear up. Leonie also helps her mother sometimes but only when she feels like it. Anna always has to help, even when she doesn’t want to.















Leonie is trying to think how she can help the Easter Bunny so that Anna gets a really nice present for Easter.


And then she has a really bright idea.


Leonie decides to write the Easter Bunny a letter. She had already written Father Christmas a letter and he brought her everything she had wished for.


Leonie takes all her coloured pencils and lies down on the floor and starts to draw and write all the letters she has already learned. In order to make her letter look especially pretty she uses a separate colour for each letter of the alphabet.

Mommy comes into the room and watches her daughter.

“What are you doing?” she asks Leonie.

“I’m writing the Easter Bunny a letter.”

“And do you think the Easter Bunny will be able to read your letter?”

“I don’t know,” says Leonie, “will you help me?”

Mommy takes a pencil and writes everything down that Leonie says. When the letter is finished, Leonie signs her name under it and draws a colourful Easter egg.

“Mommy, can you please post the letter for me?” asks Leonie.

“Yes, of course I will,” says Mommy. She folds the letter and puts it in her pocket.

“And you must write: To the Easter Bunny in the forest, from Leonie.”

How will the story go on? Will the Easter Bunny get Leonie's letter? What do you think?

You can order the book here: BoD Norderstedt

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